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Transformation requires the rapid synchronization of the standards to society. To achieve this, it is necessary to have indicators of the changes and structures that facilitate their incorporation into the legal system. To be able to do so, the provision of data through the electronic procedural management system and artificial intelligence is fundamental, reason why some stable instruments are needed to process them.

Three lines will be developed:

Regulations Lab. There are issues on which there is still no social agreement and which require debate. This often occurs exclusively in the media, but should also take place in the social and scientific field. A "Regulations Lab" will be set up where the pros and cons of complex issues can be debated and the academic world and the civil society will be involved in each of them. The aim is to progressively develop complex aspects in order to open up debate in public opinion.

Conflict and cohesion report. Based on the data collected in the Public Justice Service - disputes that are resolved by Means of Appropriate Dispute Resolution, those that go to court and are resolved before sentencing, those that are sentenced, those that are enforced, etc. - a battery of aggregate indicators will be developed to measure society’s resilience regarding conflict resolution. The report will be annual and will derive from the Data Platform (26.1) inputs.

Regulation effectiveness assessment. A methodology will be developed based on the data collected by the Data Platform. The aim is to analyze legislative initiatives based on the empirical data of the problems they are intended to solve and, once they have been implemented, to be able to assess their impact on that reality.

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