• The evolution of Justice 2030 will be progressive and continuous. The projects will yield results at different times over ten years. For monitoring, it is necessary to have accountability tools that allow for continuous awareness and timely public exposure. Taking into account the transparency that is at the base of the strategy at all times.

    Accountability is going to be exercised through:

    • Website in a permanent process of updating. Here, it is possible to access the technical documents of each of the projects and their results. The Project Office incorporates each change in the plan and the progress by project and subproject. The website can be accessed through the Ministry of Justice website.
      Justice 2030 will be available for download on the website. This decision is based on sustainability and planning criteria. The strategy is built within a process of interaction that improves it. The document will be updated annually, but the previous ones will be kept on public record so as to see the progress.
    • Six-monthly Court appearances to report on developments.
    • Annual Report which summarizes the status of the Plan, the most significant advances and the investments made.