• The starting point and the new context, the general objective of Justice 2030 is to transform the Public Justice Service to make it more accessible, efficient and to contribute to the common effort for cohesion and sustainability.

    The three specific objectives are part of the same ecosystem. We are starting from management as the core of the Public Justice Service. The goal is to make it more efficient by taking advantage of a digital transformation that facilitates a more flexible organization and more continuous processes.

    From here, there is a double development that expands and connects this management. On the one hand, it does so towards the citizens, who need the transformation to make the service more accessible, more adjusted to the daily social demand, more easily understood, to bring it closer and to ensure that no one is left behind.

    On the other hand, there is a connection of the Service with the country project and the European construction within the new context. Justice can contribute to economic activation, ecological transition, the fight against depopulation, social cohesion, education, the exercise of human rights and the prevention of corruption.

  • Ensuring access to the exercise of rights and freedoms

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  • Contributing to sustainability, cohesion and co-governance

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  • Improving the efficiency of the Public Justice Service

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