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Viewing the Administration of Justice as a quality public service that contributes to the achievement of modernization and innovation in Public Administration in order to create value and better serve the public, makes it necessary to define and implement a recognizable quality system. In 2011, the Administration of Justice's State Quality Commission (CEC in Spanish) was created, which unanimously approved the Integrated Quality System for the Administration of Justice (SICAJ in Spanish), thus validating the general structure, policy and general principles of the quality management system that is recognizable or shared by all Spanish Justice Administrations and Bodies.

The system was never implemented except in some specific judicial districts, and to date no other system has been developed that allows for the assessment and continuous improvement of the service provided to citizens.

Now, the aim is to recover the elements that were taken into account for the definition of that system and that are considered useful, such as its own institutional system architecture, stripping it of those others that hindered its application and promoting its effective service quality improvement, as demanded by users.

The new system must assume that new objectives must be taken into account which were previously not part of the quality systems in use. In addition to the traditional global quality objectives of user-oriented justice and continuous innovative, transparent and qualified improvement, it is now necessary to add data-oriented, digitally accessible and sustainable justice.

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