• This is the objective aimed at improving citizen access to the Public Justice Service. Simple, clear, understandable and accessible procedures are required for the rights to be exercised. These should respond to the needs of all social groups and territories, with special care for the most vulnerable, contributing to achieving the objectives of the Spanish National Strategy against the Demographic Challenge.


Justice Accessibility

The core of the program is to generate structural conditions of access to the Public Justice Service that reach all citizens. This will be done two-directionally, by deepening the right to access and ensuring that no person is excluded because of economic, age, gender, etc. issues, and by bringing the Service closer to society and culture through language and cross-cultural training during compulsory education stages.

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Legal Professionals

The core of the program is to reassure legal operators during the transformation process in order to reduce uncertainty.

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New Social Realities

The core of the program is to facilitate access to justice for the most vulnerable groups and to ensure the constant adaptation of the Public Justice Service to the social reality.

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