Institutional Coordination and Cohesion

The core of the program is the development of co-governance and its application on data-driven justice, which is the foundation of the new ecosystem. Data-driven justice implies an evolution of the existing procedural management systems. This transformation allows for a joint analysis by the Ministry of Justice and those Autonomous Communities with transferred competences, which will make it possible to achieve greater efficiency in procedural management.

A system will be developed to enable the complete electronic processing of court files in a sustainable and completely data-driven manner. To this end, the situation will be assessed and - together with the public administrations with powers in the field of justice - progress will be made to adapt the resource projection to the relevant needs, thus guaranteeing a technological, agile, interconnected and sustainable digital justice system.

A complex, plural system, in which different specificities can arise, requires a system of co-governance. This program aims at defining an efficient co-governance architecture.