Procedural Efficiency

The core of the program is the adaptation to procedural changes and the incorporation of Means for Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR) into the Administration of Justice. The need for procedural improvement arises from two different causes that reach the same end-point. On the one hand, the digitalization, which forces the procedural adaptation to the new tools and, on the other hand, the evolution of society, which demands the adaptation of rules and processes which have become legally obsolete and are out of line with the European framework. In some cases, the rules are more than a century old, a far cry from the reality of Spanish society today.

With the introduction of these mechanisms - already consolidated in comparative law - the prominence of legal professions grows, especially due to the negotiating role of lawyers, which is guaranteed in all cases, but also of court attorneys, mediators, social graduates, notaries and property registrars, among other professionals.

Adequate means of dispute resolution is any type of negotiation activity that the parties to a dispute attend in good faith, seeking to find an out-of-court solution to the dispute, either on their own or with the intervention of a neutral third party.